I’m a writer, multimedia creator and digital strategist.

This past May I graduated from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism with a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship. In high school I started two local non-profit organizations that, to date, have collectively raised over $100,000 in domestic and international benefit. My philanthropy introduced me to many people my age whose experiences I later had the privilege of writing about in my first book, which I published as senior in high school.

Focused on the millennial generation, I went on to build a personal brand in college speaking publicly about the challenges faced by millennials, and how those I knew overcame those challenges in the face of their own adversity. As a Sophomore at Mizzou, I published my second book and began taking my message to other universities, speaking at the University of Tulsa, Central Michigan University, and Louisiana State University, to name a few. My networking most recently led me to get involved as the co-founder and head of marketing and communications for a New York City based tech startup that raised $105,000 in pre-seed capital.


Interviews and Features

Brief Sample Reel (2016)


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Life’s not always written in times new roman

This book is for those currently trying to navigate high school, college, and beyond without any respect for the status quo. Boys, girls, brothers, sisters, friends, and enemies alike: We all have a story to tell. These are the untold stories of people just like you who write their essays of the experiences that they have had in a font other than Times New Roman. So here it is: Your quick guide for how to deal with the quarter life crisis in all of us.

Praise for Life’s not always written in Times New Roman

“This is the success manual for adulthood.”

— Will Bowen, #1 International Best-selling Author

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driven: a millennial manifesto

How does Gen Y shift our thinking in ways that allow us to shake things up, stand strong in our identities, and expect more from the traditional nine-to-five? Driven. distills some of the biggest challenges faced by the millennial generation - from self-awareness and being more present, to leaving a legacy and the fear of failure. de León offers unexpected insights on complex issues that affect everyone from middle school students to post college graduates. And he gets personal, sharing lessons learned from his own experiences in philanthropy, relationships, and more.

Praise for Driven: A Millennial Manifesto

“‘Driven.’ is compelling, choice reading as well as an important guide to understanding the millennial mindset. Riley de León’s book offers current and future generations a useful blueprint for success.”

— Yasamin Beitollahi, Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post

Other Works

In addition to publishing two books, I’ve had the opportunity to write various columns, blogs, opinion pieces, and news stories. These are a few additional samples of my work as a writer:


4 ways to avoid becoming a marginalized millennial

The Huffington Post, July 2015


3 KEY BUSINess lessons from facebook’s mark zuckerberg

CNBC, July 2016


the science and psychology of workplace design and productivity

A Little Bird, December 2018

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.00.10 PM.png


A Little Bird, January 2019


A guerrilla political act in the heart of establishment america

CNBC, June 2016


how new brands can . survive the sharing economy

A Little Bird, November 2018


using identity design to drive differentiation in the crowded cannabis marketplace

A Little Bird, December 2018


15 wacky and original ideas raising millions — cnbc disruptors

CNBC, June 2016


influencer marketing is about more than brands may think

A Little Bird, November 2018

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.00.00 PM.png


A Little Bird, January 2019


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